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Need an Estate Sale?

Call Sassies!


Estate and Moving Sales can be stressful!

Sassie's knows from 25 years of experience that different life changing moments can happen. This is very over whelming process and we understand help is needed.

There and many needs for an estate or moving sale.

  • A life change

  • Death of a loved one

  • Moving Senior Family/Friend to Assisted or Independent Living

  • Home Sold

  • Foreclosure Needing to Liquidate Entire Contents

  • Downsizing

  • Moving out of State/Country

Sassie's Estate Sales is the industry leader in conducting professional full service estate sales.

Established in 1993 as a family owned business. 

Unlike other  companies that require deposits and content minimums in addition to their percentage,  we are a percentage only company with NO DEPOSIT required and NO MINIMUM.  


Sassie's is an Insured and Bonded Company!

Our dedicated staff is paid directly from our percentage.  We pay for advertising in major publications, as well as advertising online using different websites.

We serve the Chicago-land area and beyond.


Honesty is first and foremost in our business.

We take pride in a family's treasures that they have accumulated through the years. We understand that sometimes it is hard to let go and we treat each home/family with a personal touch ~ as if they were our own.  Whether big or small, each job is handled with the same first class service; from organizing to cleaning to pricing at current market value.

We are Certified Appraisers.

We work with you in order to obtain the best price.  We enjoy preserving treasures from the past and passing them along to those who will appreciate them for years to come.

What looks like  JUNK or GARBAGE may not be at all. An open bag of cotton balls, half a bottle of Windex, dish soap that has been used, or even the aluminum foil from 1992, someone might buy it! Everything that isn't pure garbage can add value to your sale.

The same goes for items you may want to donate before the sale. Some items such as old clothes or dishware might seem like a quick and easy donation, but could be used for your sale. We like to look as everything being useful to a sale. Every dollar matters! Estate Sale companies like ours will get called too often and see a lack of items . A realtor might say something is clutter, but it still holds value for the sale. Furniture is good, but when we come into a house we expect to sell as much as possible.


Clean-out Services.

We offer multiple options to help with the clean out services, including an In House clean-out option for our clients. The fee will be separate from the sale to conduct a clean out.


Before you clear out the clutter - give us a call!

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