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The History of Sassie's

Naomi was born and raised into a family of antique collectors in West Rogers park and took an interest at an early age.  With guidance from her mother, she developed an affinity and “eye” for all things old. She even leaned some Depression glass patterns by the time she was 11.  She often wished that each piece could tell a story!


Naomi married young and had three sons by the age of 27.  She would drag all of them to Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Antique Malls, and even even some garbage picking. "One man's trash, is another man's treasure," was something always believed in, and it was important to teach it to the family. Antique malls in the 90’s were a novelty.  Naomi found her niche and rented a booth aspiring to learn as much as she could about antiques and vintage items.  She was required to have a business card and consulted with her mother on a name for the business.  Her mother said “you are a Sassy girl, call it Sassy Antiques”. 

Soon enough she had twenty cards printed up that read, “BUY SELL TRADE ESTATE SALES CONDUCTED”.  Shortly thereafter she received a call to conduct a sale for someone’s grandmother.  The woman had collected animal figurines.  By collected we mean there were 800 figurines of water buffaloes, all shapes, sizes, and composition.  There was also a collection of vintage head vases in boxes as well as antiques.  She remembers that first sale and the worries leading up to it. This was the first time doing a sale and she didn’t know the first thing about conducting a sale.  She persevered and set it up in three weeks.  The sale was a success and Sassie's Estate Sales was born!


Sassie's was one of the first ten estate sale companies in Chicago and is now an established business.  Most  business is word of mouth from satisfied customers, realtors, lawyers, judges and banks. However the company is also advertised online with multiple websites(,, etc...), and sales are also still printed into the newspaper. 


Naomi takes pride in the Company she has built, working seven days a week, setting up, preparing, research and takes a hands on approach by being present at every sale.  Estate sales are more popular these days than when she started and a great venue to find good quality vintage, contemporary and antique furniture for ones home or to re-sell. Her son and friends work in the business bringing a family environment to everyone's family in need.


Her other hobbies include road trips, live Rock music, visiting Museums, antique stores and flea markets. She is a big lover of history, old Chicago, and animals. Naomi has a rescued Chine Shar Pei named Snickers, she is cute!


Naomi achieved her goal of becoming a certified appraiser . She is a member of Antiques & Collectibles National Association and the Golden Glow of Christmas Past.

Sassie's celebrated 25 years in business in April of 2018.


She hopes to see you at a SASSIE SALE! You never know what you will find!

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